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There is no need to break your back carrying everything you own by yourself when you move your possessions. The skilled and experienced team at Gorilla Moving Company is prepared to move everything you have, regardless of awkward angles or heavy objects. We also provide professional-quality packing, as well as moving and storage options for items of every size.

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About Us

Moving is often a big life changing event that can take a lot of coordination and manpower. At Gorilla Moving, we give you the muscle you need, while taking care of most, if not all, of the moving process. We handle packing, moving, and the storage of your items. Whether moving apartments, homes, or offices, we work hard to make your moving experience a good one, making the most of our resources and services.

We proudly serve southwestern Ontario, providing moving services to those in Waterloo, Cambridge, and Kitchener. Combining the expertise of moving and logistics professionals, we are able to provide the quality of service that is rarely seen in the moving and storage business. We have built a reputation at Gorilla Moving that we are proud of, offering the lowest prices for services that surpass any of our competitors. While many companies have left the industry with the moving market becoming increasingly fierce, we have remained the frontrunner in this field due to our reliable services at low rates. With over 30 years of combined moving experience, we guarantee service you won't forget.

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